HIGH PERFORMANCE 6 CORE FIBER High Quality MultiCore Singlemode, PVC Jacket, Compliant wi: IEC, JIS, Telcordia UL-rated plastic housing Telcordia style boots. Free-floating ceramic ferrule Low insertion loss and back reflection loss Precision anti-rotation key and corrosion resistant body. Application: Telecommunication NetworksData Processing networks - Fiber Optic Pigtail - Fibre Terminations

OUTDOOR ALL DIELECTRIC STRANDED TUBE • Loose tube style with a water-resistance Jelly compound, optical fiber cable with non-metallic central strength member of FRP • Glass Yarn Strength Member between PE sheath and package tape • Non-metal structure has good electromagnetism resistant property, suitable for electric field and some areas where thunders usually happen and moisture-resistance.

FTTH DROP CABLE INDOOR • Compact and light weight • Low cost • Easy connect with FIC without splicing, fast and convenient • Excellent tensile and crush performance • Soft and flexible, good bending performance • Flame retardant LSZH jacket